Epson F138050 Print Head-gzpolychrome
Epson 7600 Print Head-gzpolychrome
Epson PM-4000 Printhead-gzpolychrome
Epson 9600 Printhead-gzpolychrome
Epson R2200 Print head-gzpolychrome
Epson F138050 Print Head-gzpolychrome
Epson 7600 Print Head-gzpolychrome
Epson 9600 Printhead-gzpolychrome
Epson PM-4000 Printhead-gzpolychrome
Epson R2200 Print head-gzpolychrome

New Printhead F138050 Print Head for Epson Stylus Pro 7600 9600 PM-4000 R2100 R2200

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F138050 Full Colors Print Head Replacement Printhead Printer Parts for Epson Stylus Pro 7600 9600/Epson PM-4000 R2100 R2200
Notice (very important):
1. It is normal to have ink marks or slight scratches on the print head, because we need to install the print head on the printer for testing before delivery, and we will send the product after confirming that the product functions normally.
2. If you find something similar to scratches, water droplets, or debris after receiving the product, please wipe the print head gently with a paper towel or towel, because it is a protective liquid and dust that may exist in the box. After that, you can install it to the printer and check if it can be used

Dear customer, if you have doubts, you can contact us first; but if you mind these problems, please do not buy this product.


High Quality: This product is made of high quality ABS and metal material, which is rust-proof, durable and has excellent impact resistance.
High performance: After the replacement of the nozzle, the printing is smooth and not blocked, the printing is clear and neat, and the pattern and text are colorful.
Stable Printing: This high-quality print head can provide a stable printing process, which not only guarantees the printing volume, but also the quality even for long-term use.
Applicable Models: This is a perfect replacement printhead for Epson Stylus Pro 7600 9600 2100 2200 /Epson PM-4000 R2100 R2200 PX4000/PX4100 PHOTO 2100/2200 and other printers, widely used in schools, offices, government, banks, etc.
Installation suggestion: If you are unfamiliar with the machine, it is recommended that you send the print head to a repair station or find a professional to replace the print head, so as to avoid unnecessary losses and unnecessary troubles.
Reminder: If you have any questions after receiving the product, please contact our customer service as soon as possible.

Name: Printer replacement nozzle
Material: ABS+metal
Colour: Black
Print Color: Color
Size: 11*9*8.5cm
Weight: 105g
Applicable models: For Epson Stylus Pro 7600 9600 2100 2200 /Epson PM-4000 R2100 R2200 PX4000/PX4100 PHOTO 2100/2200

Precautions when changing the nozzle:
1. After receiving the nozzle, use a needle to inject water to check the nozzle to see if it is blocked. This is a very redundant and dangerous practice. The original nozzles are equipped with protective liquid, which can ensure that the nozzles will not be blocked within one or two years. Do not wipe off the protective liquid on the nozzles after receiving the nozzles. Do not use a syringe to inject the nozzle, it may cause the ink sac to rupture and print to be smeared! Please know for your ! Any damage to the nozzle caused by this method is not guaranteed!
First of all, once the sprinkler enters the water, you can turn on the machine before it is dry, and the board will be burned in light, or the head will be burned in heavy;
Secondly, the print heads sold by our store are all shipped after strict inspection and testing, and are filled with protective liquid. If you inject water into the print head with a needle, not only the protective liquid is washed away, but also because the pressure of the hand is too high, it is easy to Cause air blockage of the nozzle, resulting in no ink;
2. The head surface of the nozzle is very fragile and cannot be bumped, so be sure to protect it. Its surface is a piece of aluminum, and the inner layer is coated with a crystal oscillator and very small ink tubes. When touched, it will be concave, deformed, or even broken, so the nozzle will be scrapped;
3. Be careful when installing the print head, be sure to turn off the power first and install it in place. After installation, gently push the trolley with your hand to move left and right to check whether it is smooth; do not turn on the power after installation, because if the head is not in place, the trolley will easily hit the head and smash; , strong controllability;
4. When connecting the plug cable, do not bring ink, and make sure that it is in good contact with the socket and does not touch the feet, otherwise, the nozzle will be short-circuited and burned;
5. The steel shaft should also be clean and smooth. It can be wiped with a paper towel with some lubricating oil. Do not add oil directly to the shaft. The excess oil will flow to the nozzle and cause damage;
6. After the machinery and circuit are correct, it is necessary to check the waterway. First, check whether the amount of water in the ink cartridge is sufficient; second, check whether the small cleaning blade and the ink suction pump are dirty.
7. There will be air in the newly installed nozzle, so the printing will not be normal immediately. Only after the air is completely exhausted, the lines can be produced normally; 2 times of cleaning), over-cleaning for many times will cause the cleaning pump to accumulate ink, which will not only cause the printing to mix colors, leak ink, but also waste ink; secondly, you can print more pictures to let the nozzles exhaust air during work; again , If the machine has led out the waste ink tube, you can first cut off the power, and then use a syringe to cover the rubber tube to extract the waste ink tube until 3-5ML of ink is drawn out, then turn it on again, and use the machine to clean it once, which is equivalent to artificial The air in the head is pulled out hard, and the side effect is that it is easy to cause the cleaning pump to accumulate ink.
8. Special inks (weak solvent, UV, thermal transfer, oily) will damage the print head and reduce the life of the print head. In addition, some printing steel plates, cardboards, and plastics will cause the print head to break after a long time. There is no warranty and after-sales service for any nozzles that use special ink. For special purposes, inform the seller in advance and order after detailed discussion.
9. It is normal for the print head to have used ink traces. Each print head must be tested after being installed on the printer. Those who mind, please buy carefully.

Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
Please allow 1-2cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement. 

1x print head